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Solar and storage

Never pay another energy bill

Using solar to generate electricity is a proven technology with
great up-front incentives as well as long term benefits.

Products and partners

Solar panels: REC Solar
Alpha Pure 410W

The Norwegian solar-panel manufacturer REC combines
product quality, reliability, and a commitment to sustainability,
making them the ideal brand for Momo’s solar panels. Melding
a clean aesthetic with industry leading efficiency, REC
outperforms other options on the market without sacrificing
curb appeal.

Details: REC Solar Alpha Pure 410W panel.

Enphase IQ8A

Enphase’s microinverter technology provides panel-by-panel
optimization and monitoring, all backed by an industry-best 25-year
warranty. Enphase’s proven track record in the solar space makes
them a smart and reliable choice.

Details: Enphase Energy IQ8A Microinverter.

Storage: Enphase 5P battery

Enphase’s 5P battery is a powerful, modular option that integrates seamlessly with our solar offering. You can use the battery daily
and to store extra solar energy at night. If there is a power outage, the home will transition to battery power without interruption.
During the day, the battery will recharge with solar, allowing energy autonomy for an extended period of time. 

A single 5P battery can power the basics, like a refrigerator, lights, outlets for charging, internet router, and home security. Adding
additional 5P batteries allows for whole-home backup.

Details: Enphase Batteries.

Monitoring: Enphase

Enphase’s Enlighten app lets you monitor the status of your
solar system from your mobile phone. The app also lets you
create reports on energy production and is characterized by a
clean, easy-to-navigate design.

Details: Enphase Enlighten Monitoring.

Electric panel: SPAN

SPAN’s Panel offers maximum efficiency and visibility,
as well as savings. Panel gives you a complete view of
where your power is going, allowing you to uncover
patterns in your daily energy use and unlock savings.

Details: SPAN Panel.

Charging: Enphase EV

Every Momo home is wired to be EV-ready with 40 amps of level
2 charging power in the garage (level 2 chargers are the kind
found at most public charging stations). This can also be
upgraded to a charging station at point of purchase. 

The level 2 EV charging stations from Enphase are safety-
certified and all-weather (NEMA-4 rated). The chargers offer
speeds as much as 12x faster than charging from a standard

All EV and PHEV options can be  100% “fueled” by harnessing
the power of the sun. In most cases, 8-10 solar panels is all it

Details: Enphase Chargers.

Putting it all together

Visit the Solar-Energy Packages page to see the range of configurations we offer for each home design.


Contact us for more information.

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