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Build at the sweet spot
where demand is high
and others can’t compete

Partner with us to offset
inflation-driven material and
labor costs, cut timeline risk,
and triple your capital

It’s getting way
too hard to build
homes for first-
time buyers

The cost of building materials has skyrocketed.

Meanwhile, land, labor, and building fees are getting more expensive and permitting more burdensome.

Builders are seeking profitability.

Many builders have responded by moving into the construction of higher-end homes (2,500 square feet and up), where margins are healthier.

But the demand for first homes is huge.

Recent estimates put the current inventory backlog at around 2 million homes.

So, there’s a massive opportunity.

Any builder who can efficiently feed the demand for first-time homes is going to win big.

That’s where Momo
Homes comes in

Build better, build faster,
up to 3x your capital

Momo has re-engineered the process of homebuilding, 
from supply chain to technology to building materials.

That means you can build better homes faster while
making your capital work up to three times as hard for you.

Here are some of
the benefits of
partnering with us:

Precision manufacturing means
you can build fast.

Shortened build times increase
capital turns.

Vertically integrated supply chain
helps hedge against inflation.

Total operations, sales, and
marketing support.

Territory exclusivity.

Sound good? Good.
Let’s build this
thing together.

An economy that looks daunting to most people
is actually the opportunity of a lifetime.
Schedule a 30-minute call to find
out how Momo Homes can help
your business thrive.

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