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The Momo Homes
Technology Vision

Building smart homes is just the beginning. Our team’s deep tech roots mean we think, design, manufacture, transport, and iterate like technologists.

In other words, tech is our mindset, not a value-add. It’s how we’re going to realize our vision of precision engineering, minimal waste, efficient processes, and affordable style.

Here’s what we’ve got planned

In-home technology

Momo Homes will include solar panels, home battery power, smart security and thermostats, a wireless entertainment setup, EV charging stations, and more.

Builder dashboards

We’ll help builders make more informed business decisions by creating tools that include cost estimators, business model calculators, shipping and manufacturing trackers, and carbon-emissions dashboards.

A manufacture-on-demand marketplace

We’re creating a collaborative space where
architects and designers can meet and collaborate
on home designs, then deliver them to customers
via the Momo Homes manufacturing infrastructure.

Visualization tools

Using our online 3D tools, builders and
buyers will be able to work together on
layouts, appliances, furnishings and more.

Ordering and tracking

Buying a home should be like buying anything
online. Our software will generate a bill of materials
and let you track shipping and delivery. Once the
build begins, buyers will be able to follow the
progress of construction.

Document processing

On completion of a virtual order, a full set of documents, including the building plans, will be readied for approval by the appropriate governing bodies. The buyer and builder will be able to finalize paperwork online.

DIY simplicity, enduring quality

Every part of a Momo home comes together in a clear sequence. Just scan the on-component QR code with your phone or tablet and follow the diagram-driven onsite assembly process.

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