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Momo Footings

Build on a better foundation

Our 100% steel Surefoot system works like a tree’s deep root network,
securely connecting the foundation to the earth while resisting gravity,
uplift, shear, and moment loads.

Winner of The Edison Award

in Australia

Momo Homes’ concrete-free Surefoot foundations have revolutionized the footings industry in the demanding Australian construction industry. Now, they’re set to do the same in the United States.

Nicknamed the “metal tree stump,” Surefoot is akin to a tree’s root system. Surefoot spreads its footing over a greater surface area, achieving larger load capacities faster and more cost-effectively.

Adaptable, long-lasting, and strong

The system is installed via steel tubular piles driven into the ground by a simple jackhammer and an attachment tool that can be purchased at major tool outlets.

The unique shape and strength of the steel combines to create an efficient pile cap. And once piles are driven and the cap secured, the opposing forces of the multidirectional piles provide a solid, stable and economical footing.

The system is designed to increase its efficiency when resisting gravity, uplift, shear and moment loads.

Installation times range from 10 minutes to 30 minutes per pile. Adjustable in plumb and level after your footing is installed, Surefoot has instant bearing capacity in every direction so your work can continue that same day.

Job-specific and designed according to the soil conditions of your site, Surefoot foundations meet all compliance and regulatory requirements and can be used on a wide range of projects.

Trusted by builders

“Since introducing Surefoot footings, our time on 
site has reduced and our profits have risen.”

Darrin Cooper, Future Shade

“The Surefoot product absolutely lived up to its expectations and was installed faster than we could have hoped.”

Thomas Kim Roy Wearne, Country Solar

“The Surefoot system seemed too good to be true, but I’m happy to say it ticked every box and made the entire foundation process easier, cleaner, quicker, less risky and more cost effective.”

Michael Murphy, Aligned Building

“Since using the Surefoot system, not only can we keep building all year round, but the foundation has proven itself to be a handy utility foundation for securing goods and materials during cyclones and floods in previously unreachable areas.”

Peter Holtham, MPJ

Install a foundation, rain or shine

No weather delays: Surefoot foundations can be installed in any weather conditions without compromising the quality of the foundation.

Sustainability: Surefoot foundations are fully recyclable, leave a minimal footprint, and eliminate the need for toxic concrete.

Time savings: Surefoot installs fast. In fact, it can cut installation time in half on many structures.

Quality materials: Surefoot components comply with all relevant international standards.

Where can you build with Surefoot?

Surefoot’s engineering principles are based on piling technology using a combination of skin friction and bearing capacity. Because ours is a non-displacement pile, you can use Surefoot in any penetrable soil: sands, silts, clays, small gravels and even rock. In addition, Surefoot is applicable in all wind categories.

Case study: Building on a site with restricted access and steep slopes

One of the many advantages that Surefoot offers is the ability to
adapt to steep terrain. 

In this particular case, machinery access was limited and the
intended design of deep bored piers was not economical. The
owner considered Surefoot as a viable foundation and soon
discovered that it was the right choice.

The design prompted the use of the S250 3-way pile cap, since
the advantage of the 3-way configuration on a slope is that two of the piles can be driven across the slope while the remaining two piles are driven into the slope.

All footings were installed with basic hand tools, saving time and money, as there were no machinery costs and no time wasted waiting for concrete to dry.

Once the footings were installed, the stumps were fixed using our standard connection brackets and bracing in accordance with the engineer’s design.

An in-depth look at the Surefoot S250 4P pile cap

The Surefoot S250 4P is our most-commonly used footing for residential housing.


  • Bolting Pattern: 140mm centers x 4 x 22mm holes

  • Micro Piles: 4 x 32NB (Nominal Bore) 42.40D. Galvanized pipe: light, medium, heavy.

  • Load Capacity: Up to 75kN.

  • Average installation time per pile: ~10 minutes.

Surefoot provides instant bearing capacity and can be built on once all micro piles have been installed and the pile cap bedded down.

Marked by its high strength and coating mass, the S250-4 model is generally used for residential projects. It’s especially well-suited for construction sites with limited access, and it can be used in all soil types. Surefoot footings are fully recyclable, as the pile cap has the potential for re-use.


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