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globally sourced

We have more global supply-chain experience than anyone in the industry. What does that mean for you? Speed, precision, and customization at sustainable margins.

How the Momo Homes supply chain works

  • Momo Homes sources from the best manufacturers and factories in Asia, where we have decades of experience.

    Asia is currently the primary source of all construction materials in the United States, with most distribution occurring via big-box home-improvement and electronics stores.

    Since the middlemen add unnecessary costs, complexity, and delays, we’ve eliminated them from our supply chain. Instead, we ship our precision-engineered home components directly to your jobsite.

    The key is our Panamanian manufacturing facility.

  • Panama is on the rise. Currently one of the top destinations for Americans retiring abroad, the country is peaceful, prosperous, and economically sophisticated.

    That’s why we chose a secure factory near Panama City as the site for our testing and manufacture.

    Rigorous testing ensures our materials are of the highest quality (all products are built to exceed U.S. standards). Additionally, our testing is thoroughly documented and available for review.

    By placing our factory in Panama, we can save on the time and cost of handling shipping containers, while taking advantage of Panama’s favorable trade relationship with the United States. These are savings we pass on to you.

    Once the home components are packed, we ship from Panama to the port nearest your jobsite.

  • The buildout follows a six-step process:

    1. We provide free, fast training for your team.
    2. Momo Footings foundation installed.
    3. Roof, wall, and exterior components arrive via shipping container.
    4. Unloading and assembly.
    5. Interior components arrive.
    6. You complete the build.

    For complete details, see the Builders page.

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